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Sydney Fringe Festival Productions:

The Eco-Worrier - Cabaret Hub

Cate Fucking Blanchett - Flight Path Theatre

When Chicken Talks to Duck - Factory Theatre

Lauren Bonner - Factory Theatre

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

The Eco-Worrier is Hannah Gwatkin, a young, talented cabaret performer who is passionate about climate change. As well as being an outstanding vocalist, she pays keyboard, saxophone, tambourine, ukulele, performs tap and loops her music. Climate change activists would show wisdom if they had Gwatkin represent them rather than resort to the disruptive protests that turn people against their cause. If people are entertained and laughing, they’re more likely to be convinced.

Sydney Frings The Eco-Worrier is Hannah Gwatkin,

Cate Fucking Blanchett, at the Flight Path Theatre is the tale of three sisters who navigate family, identity and human evolution when Nina's egg donation to Margo sparks drama. The title did a lot of the heavy lifting to attract people to the show. Some producers underestimate the power of show titles. I once reviewed Vampire Lesbians of Sodom which, despite its massive production and creative limitations, played to full houses. The theatre manager was surprised and he attributed it to the name.

Sydney Fringe Cate Fucking Blanchett

When Chicken Talks to Duck features Anthony Wong who is billed as "a up-and-coming comedian" (what is it with the grammar of young people?). Wong is an Australian born Chinese yet he has a pronounced accent. That was confusing. Good on him for having a go with his first show, but his support act did him no favours.

sydney fringe festival review

Then came Lauren Bonner, a stand-up comedian who decided to do her first one-person play. She talked about work, relationships, relationships at work male/female interactions and other stuff. The show was cleverly and perceptively written and Bonner’s comedic timing serves her well. Of course it would have been better if she didn't hold and refer to her notes for safety. Bonner used the device of sitting in the on-stage armchair and chatting with audience members as they chose their seats. She engaged everyone before the start and read the room well. There were a lot of laughs of recognition and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Lauren Bonner


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