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The Best Garden Designs For Every Sydney Suburb

Sydneysiders are divided over a lot of things; over which spot has the best dumplings, which AFL team is superior, which side of the bridge is better, which beach is best, whether the Sixers or Thunder are a better big bash team… the list is seemingly endless. The only things we might be united on is the fact that parking inspectors are the worst and that we’re

The Best Garden Designs For Every Sydney Suburb

damn lucky to get to live in such a beautiful city.

The point here is that Sydney is a diverse place and trends, preferences and opinions will likely change across different areas and suburbs. With that in mind, check out the best garden design ideas for different Sydney suburbs.

Terraces & Courtyards: Inner West

Sydney’s inner west is a hipster haven with bustling nightlife, enviable cafes and loyal locals who are very much in love with the stylish serenity of their suburbs. More than just the cafes, bars, galleries and street art, the inner west is also home to some of Sydney’s best natural beauty and public parks with the beautiful Blackwattle Bay and the Tramsheds highlighting the stunning Sydney skyline.

So, which garden designs would best suit the residences and residents of the trendy inner west? People in the inner west are ardent environmentalists who care about the future of our planet which is why no inner west garden would be complete without a nod to environmentalism. Consider a veggie patch in which you can nurture your own fruit, vegetables and herbs and cut down your dependence on supermarket chains. No matter how small the space is you can still grow some of your own food, be it a chilli plant, basil or any other commonly used herb. Integrating a vertical garden is a great way to pack greenery into a small space whilst still allowing for open space in which you can relax or entertain.

You can find ways to nurture your plants and cut down on waste by composting. If you’re unsure about where and how to start, you can check out this local government composting information page.

Visitors & Vistas: Eastern Beaches

If you’ve ever stepped into an ocean facing backyard in Sydney’s eastern beachside suburbs you’ll be taken aback by the picture perfect views which perfectly mimic the postcards sold in shop fronts along Campbell Parade. With the views on the postcard worthy ocean views featuring prominently in eastern beachside backyards, it’s unsurprising that you’d want a garden design that highlights the relaxed, beachy area, heroes the view and has a great entertaining set up which will allow you to share the view with all your friends and family.

outdoor shower providers sydney

For our money an outdoor shower is one of the best beachside luxuries which will give your backyard an instant resort feel and the perfect opportunity to wash off the salt water after a day at the beach. Spectacular views also demand to be shared so you’ll want to make sure your garden is furnished with a great entertaining set up with outdoor dining tables and ample casual outdoor seating. If you’re looking to redesign your garden in keeping with these design ideas check out this outdoor furniture provider in Sydney.

High Rise Homes: Inner City Suburbs

If you’re living in the inner-city or in one of Sydney’s densely populated urban areas from Potts Point to Woolloomooloo, Darlinghurst and Ultimo, then you might have very limited access to outdoor space. When you’re working with minimal spaces, it’s important to make sure that every single inch of space is used and usable. Whether you’re working with a courtyard, a balcony or a rooftop garden, it’s good to make your outdoor areas as inviting and user friendly as possible. This task is easy enough and can actually inspire a fun DIY project.

indoor plants for small areas

Start by bringing out the pot plants! Plants are having a real moment lately and we couldn’t be happier. Plants bring a space to life and brighten any space instantly. If you’re a bit of a plant novice and unsure about which sturdy but visually stunning plants you should pick out to fill your space, then consider the following: the romantic Heart Leaf Fern, Florist’s Cyclamen, a pot plant with red blooms or succulents like Sweetheart Hoya or climbers such as Devil’s Ivy.

Colourful and fragrant flowers invigorate your space, making it colourful in the daylight and leaving behind sweet aromas come night time. Finally, herbs because if you’re going to grow something you may as well grow something that you can use! Basil, thyme, fragrant herbs like rosemary take up relatively little space in your garden but will make a major impact on your plate.

Balcony furniture is also a must because if you’re going to be spending more than a brief moment relaxing on your balcony then you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable. A Parisian cafe style table and chair is a good start but, if the space is bigger, then you might want to consider a small couch, deck chairs, a hammock or even an outdoor beanbag.

Once you’ve transformed the space, you’ll surely fall in love and start to spend all your time out there. Between reading, happy hour with friends and family, sunbathing, eating breakfast, snacking, once you’ve renovated the space, the only thing that can limit you here would be your imagination! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these amazing balcony transformations.


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