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Theatre Review - Something Wicked

sydney theatre reviews

Spiegeltent Festival Garden -

The Vault

Producer/Director/Cast – Miss Eli Fury

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

What happens when you throw witches' coven, Gypsy Rose Lee, Vaudeville, Marilyn Monroe, Penn & Teller, burlesque, stand-up comedy and Cirque du Soleil into a one-hour show?

You get Something Wicked - A Bewitching Burlesque.

The ferryman welcomed us to the entrance to Hell where the circus arts were in full flow. Bella Babydoll is a Marilyn Monroe character who romantically sang to a man before bringing out the fire effects, the knife, the blood and the dismembered limb. Then there's the spectacular flying aerial hoop and the ropes or ribbons routine performed with chains by Shaunah Johnson and Porcelain Alice and then more fire. Be prepared for the sexiest ever version of the razor blade and thread swallowing trick performed by Erica Vanlee who is severely underutilised in this show considering her considerable set of magic skills and stage presence.

sydney theatre reviews

Tying together the acts was the slithering, Cockney-voiced Tommy James Green, the creepily talented Ferryman in his shorts, ringmaster's jacket, fishnet stockings, gumboots and freaky eyeballs. He provided segues for the acts and can also do some entertaining impressions.

Of course, Something Wicked is a quote from William Shakespeare’s Scottish play that cannot be quoted lest bad fortune befalls you.

There was a lot of talent on that stage and the production could have easily run for three hours and still been enthralling.

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