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Things that are Making your Home Look Super Cluttered

Do you look around your home and feel as though it is cluttered? Either way, you are not alone, and there are things that you can do to try and turn things around. You can do a few simple things to transform your clutter into a minimalist. Take a look below.

Things that are Making your Home Look Super Cluttered

You have too much wall art

When you have too many things on the wall, you may find that things feel overwhelming. It may be that your eyes cannot rest because they are too busy trying to take in all of the wall decor. It will also stop your space from feeling as peaceful as well. If your walls feel somewhat cluttered, it may be time to reduce the wall art and go for a less messy space.

When you have done this, give it a few days and see how you feel about having less. It may be that it’s just what your space needs.

Bookcases are cluttered

A good bookcase looks great in every room, but over time it is effortless for your books to multiply, and at times, you may feel as though every inch is filled to the brim. If you want to avoid this, then you need to try and avoid double stacking your books. You also need to try and prevent stacking books vertically, even if there is room. Some people like to add accent pieces to their shelves, and although this can look great, others find that it adds to that cluttered feel. One way to work around this would be to clear your bookshelf and then go from there.

You’re over-accessorising

A few items that are displayed nicely can look truly fantastic. In saying that, having many decor items strewn everywhere can make your home look very cluttered. Do not be tempted to fill your shelves with seasonal decor items. This is especially the case with smaller objects. One great tip would be to choose smaller accessories to have a more significant presence in the room. Opting for a big statement piece will also help draw the eye and lessen the clutter.

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Items on Kitchen Counters

Many of us are guilty of this one! If you have many items on the kitchen counter, you need to try and do something about clearing some space. If you organise your cupboard space correctly, there is no need to have appliances on the benchtop. It is a matter of planning a way to access them easily. If you have a pantry, see if you can put anything under there that you don’t use very often. You don’t need to move absolutely everything off the counter, but you do need to try and keep it as straightforward as possible so you can free up your space and make it seem more open.

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Bedroom Clutter

For the bedroom, try and opt for built-in storage where possible if you want a clutter-free space. Built in wardrobes are great; you can easily invest in some storage bins to organise your clothing. Shoes can also take up a lot of space, so invest in a good quality shoe rack to keep them organised.

Lastly, consider having a yearly audit of clothing and shoes; if you are not wearing them, donate to charity.

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