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Tips on How to Make a Small Home Feel Spacious

Tips on How To Make a Small Home Feel Spacious

I've lived in tiny apartments to the one I'm in now that have three levels, and no matter where I've lived, I've been able to make the apartment look and feel more spacious with a few tricks.


If you have the space, clear most things off the kitchen benches and store them away. Spend some time planning where to put food, appliances, pans and crockery so it is practical. I use my pot drawers as food storage, with the top one for my spices, as I like to cook and find things easily.

making more space in a kitchen

Utilising baskets is a good idea too, as it can help give more storage space. There are many space-saving ideas online to get inspiration, such as making use of the space under existing shelving - like this rack I bought for only $5 recently at Aldi.


It's worth investing a little more money into seating arrangements. In most situations, sectional sofas are better suited to bigger living rooms, but they can work well in a smaller space with a bit of planning. Check out Eva's new sofa; I like how this sofa is available in various compositions.

Tips on How To Make a Small Home Feel Spacious

Keeping seating away from walls can also create space, rather than having all the furniture jammed against walls.


It is tempting to rush to get settled into your new house, so make the most of it by selecting functional furniture; for instance, a bed with storage underneath is fantastic for tiny homes and apartments. Bunk beds because they make good use of vertical space. Speaking of vertical space, if you have a small balcony, there are a vast range of vertical gardens that you can use to grow flowers, herbs and even vegetables such as lettuce.

Storage in living rooms can be challenging. Choosing pieces that offer as much multipurpose storage potential possible is the key to getting your living room storage spot on.

Coffee tables can also serve as excellent storage. To maximise the quantity of storage, choose a coffee table with deep drawers and a shelf.

use mirrors to create space in a small home


Mirrors are one of the simplest ways to increase the amount of space in a room. It does not generate space; instead, it creates a sense of space. Adding a reflecting surface to a wall will act as a window into an adjacent room, creating the impression of extra space while bouncing light about the area. I've had the mirror above for 15 years and I have never gotten tired of it.

use neutral colours to create space


If you're unsure which way you want your new living room to go in terms of design, start by selecting neutral-coloured furniture. Light tones and natural materials like wood make it simple to mix and blend with various styles. Choose soft, light-coloured fabric upholstery for the seating and warm-toned wood tables for the tables. Remember that you can always add more flashes of colour with throw cushions or a rug in a bold colour scheme.


Light gives an instant lift to any home (in my opinion), and if practical, the fewer window coverings, the better. Depending on where you live, it may not be comfortable having any window coverings to keep prying eyes out, but it does help the space look more open if you can let in light. If you want to hang curtains, another option is to place a track on the ceiling rather than the walls. To emphasise the height of your room, use a light fabric to hang the curtains to the floor. This is especially useful in spaces where full-blackout window treatments aren't required.

Tips on How To Make a Small Home Feel Spacious


Nothing makes a space look smaller than clutter. Rather than display all your ornaments, rotate them, keep kitchen benches clear, keep the place clean and tidy, and give the space a larger feel.

If you are overwhelmed by the clutter, try the KonMari method. Speaking of mess, I think I'll sign off now and do some tidying myself!


If possible, stick to the same colour, and lighter tones work better on walls. Linen can add a splash of colour if you prefer. However, I stick to the same neutral tones.

Big mirrors help create a sense of space, as does natural light. If you can afford it, use a recess in the shower to store shampoos and stick with transparent glass screens. If that's not practical, keep toiletries off the floor with a shower rack.

Lighting can help darker bathrooms, or candles give a nice ambience; however, safety first with candles!

Apart from the toilet brush, don't have anything on the floor and use storage boxes to keep everything off the vanity.


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