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Upgrading Your Standard Of Living While Abroad

Many of us feel that the best way to experience a country on our travels is to get stuck in, to speak to the local residents, to eat their food, and to be respectful of the local environment. You will read nothing below that will dispute this excellent set of ideals. However, it might be that you’ve done the backpacking, you’ve slept in hostels, you’ve given plenty to volunteerism efforts, and now you just want to experience the best of what a country has to offer.

Upgrading Your Standard Of Living While Abroad

Believe it or not, this doesn’t simply mean throwing money at whatever looks shiny. Again, eating authentic food, meeting the locals and getting involved in the community will always be better than shopping in the highest of high profile shopping malls while there. However, upgrading your standard of living while abroad can be achieved, especially if you’re on your travels to celebrate something, or to experience a milestone.

For that reason, we would like to offer you the following advice, to ensure you strike that perfect balance between beauty and luxury:

Give yourself more time

Give Yourself More Time

What is the one resource you cannot buy more of? Time? It’s something that we all cherish, and yet when on vacation, it can seemingly slip through our fingers. Of course, you could be pedantic and suggest ‘well, you could just head on vacation for longer,’ but of course, even with the money to spare that might run counter to your personal obligations back home. What matters is making the most of every day. This means using excellent techniques such as arranging a schedule, and giving yourself the most direction possible through that. You might attribute four things you want to do or see that day. The space between is open for natural exploration. Perhaps you might visit a local town, or complete a singular activity, or pace a ‘middle day’ in which you just lay on the beach.

It doesn’t matter how you structure your time. What matters is that you do structure it, but in a way that doesn’t lead to draconic senses of worry whenever you’re abroad. A purpose fulfilled is much better than aimless wandering, even if that can lead to good experiences. Everyone knows that a schedule in their working life does not act as a limiter (for the most part,) but something to help navigate their best action. Loosening the tension a little, why can’t this be the case for your vacation time?

Bondi icebergs

Luxury Accommodation

Many think that the accommodation while on vacation doesn’t matter. Surely you actually want to be out and enjoying the environment you have traveled to, rather than sitting inside all day and ignoring the beauty on your doorstep? To some extent this can be true. But to think that accommodation doesn’t matter is simply ignoring how comfortable a vacation can be, and how secure and rooted you can feel in that environment.

Great food, a beautiful view, an incredibly relaxing bed, choosing great accommodation not only grants you a beautiful taste of the best of the country you’re visiting, but it can also help you experience beauty during the entire stay, rather than when you can leave your lodgings. Not only this, but luxurious serviced apartments such as those offered by Bondi 38 can give you a fantastic overview of your scenery, will grant you the personal freedom and privacy you might desire, and can also simply be a celebratory aspect of introducing you to the location. While backpacking might have its adventurous and romantic benefits, it’s not hard to see how a beautiful meal, a comforting bath and a rest in a stunning bed could help you feel like your best self, ready to explore the world in a renewed sense.

Consider your travel companions

Consider Your Travel Companions

When considering when or where to take a vacation, many variables come into play. How long will we stay? What is the purpose of our trip? Are we traveling for a particular event, or is this a vacation that could happen all year round? There are no right answers here, it just depends on how you wish to spend your money, of course paying respect to international cultures and developments.

However, it’s also quite important to ask the hard questions - who will you bring along? Often, family and close friends are the first choice. But if you hope to explore an old Italian village from head to toe, for example, it’s probably not a great idea to bring someone who struggles with mobility. If they take precedence, then finding somewhere enjoyable and with easier access could be a great idea. If you hope to go hiking, bringing along a friend with a history of heart issues might not be a great idea. Of course, this all sounds completely simple to understand, but it can often be hard to turn people down, or adjust plans accordingly. Sometimes, upgrading your standard of living means traveling with the right people, even if you have to switch up those you invite or switch up the vacation itself, depending on why and how you are traveling.

All of this should be made perfectly clear from the offset - and must also stay consistent. For example, you shouldn’t plan a journey with someone only to add a bunch of side activities knowing full well that they might not be interested in capable of completing them. It’s practical common decency, and this sense of social cohesion will truly increase your living standard abroad.

Search For More

No matter how much money you have, becoming a little more discerning in your output can be a fantastic means of pushing forward and finding more value to enjoy. It might be limited spots have opened up on a boat tour, perhaps you might book a VIP restaurant in advance, or maybe you simply need to connect with a friend who is overseas as a resident already. No matter your income, the timeless need of searching for more can certainly help you upgrade your standards no matter who you are.

With these tips, you’re certain to upgrade your living standard while abroad.


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