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We’re Calling It: 2023 is the Year of Cruising

2023 is the Year of Cruising

Let’s face it. It’s 2023, we’re working hard, feeling the pinch, and we’re ready to treat ourselves to some well-deserved holidays. We could all use a change of scenery and some serious downtime. This means: a holiday is in order, and in the form of a 2023 cruise.

Popping some getaway dates into your calendar will break up the year, and a cruise is the perfect way to offset all the stress. Let’s discuss why a 2023 cruise is the best way to unwind, as well as which are the best places to visit in Australia, plus which beautiful pieces of paradise you can cruise to from Australia.

Why Choose a 2023 Cruise?

Once you’re on your cruise holiday, you’ll soon discover that it’s the best way to minimise stress and maximise relaxation. Take Australia’s homegrown cruise line, P&O Cruises, for example. In addition to everything being taken care of, from dining to entertainment and accommodation, you can decide to spend your days lounging by one of the ship’s pools or visit the spa. And, to make the most of your time on shore, you can go on one of P&O’s Shore Tours to explore your surroundings.

If you’re looking for a family vacation idea for 2023, a cruise is a great choice. There’s enough to keep Cruiselings of all ages busy from morning to night, and you won’t need to lift a finger. Instead, you get to recharge alone or enjoy many fun opportunities to connect with the ones you love.

The Best 2023 Cruises From Australia

With destinations dotted all around Australia and to our amazing nearby neighbours, booking a holiday that calls at one or more of the country’s fantastic cities, bucket-list sites, or somewhere in the South Pacific, is made easy.

While you could happily stay onboard during your cruise, there’s plenty of good stuff on shore. Meet the locals and travellers on various islands, scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef, walk along sparkling stretches of postcard-worthy beaches, and explore quaint island towns. Some of the best holiday destinations in 2023 include:

  • Great Barrier Reef

  • New Zealand

  • The islands of the South Pacific

  • Papua New Guinea

great barrier reef

To see some of the most stunning parts of Australia and its surrounding islands, book into a P&O cruise. A fabulous way to spend your well-deserved holiday, you’ll get to visit the most breathtaking destination and relax onboard, knowing you don’t have to worry about anything. Whether you book into a longer cruise or a short weekend getaway, enjoy your days at sea relaxing with an endless horizon. Your trip will make 2023 a year to remember! Being such a low-stress way to travel, we’re certain you’ll be well and truly on board. Some of the best places to visit from Australia are just a click away.


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