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Having been a Manly girl for more years than I can remember (I'm not now though, my life has taken me on another road), I will always love Manly. So when I discovered this cool new fitness centre in Manly, I was keen to find out more.


So I asked Alex Jaques (founder) what is ANTHEMCYCLE what is going on?

ANTHEMCYCLE is a full-body rhythm-led indoor cycling workout that incorporates upper body exercises. The beat of the music drives our workout and inspires our choreography.

ANTHEMCYCLE features a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, making it feel more like a club than a fitness studio. Each playlist is carefully curated by our team of instructors to create a fun and motivating experience that feels more like a party.

We feed off the energy in the room and work together as a group to create an amazing experience for all fitness and skill levels.

ANTHEMCYCLE was founded in Manly and is a locally owned and instructor led start up.

Where did you get the idea for ANTHEMCYCLE?

I had never been the most fit person growing up. I was an athlete but once I stopped competing, I hated going to the gym. I am not the type of person who enjoys running on a treadmill or lifting weights alone. It felt like something I had to force myself to do.

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I was living in New York City when I came across rhythm ride classes, and boutique studios were popping up everywhere. As I started going to the various studios and classes, I noticed the sense of community amongst the staff and riders. In each class, people who had never met before were embracing each other and taking it upon themselves to hype each other up. I had never experienced anything like that before. That mentality and that level of energy, it created this beautifully positive and empowering environment that became addictive.

anthem manly

When I moved to the Northern Beaches, I was really looking for that in my fitness routine and that is when ANTHEMCYCLE started to form. Music is such an integral part of any workout. The right song has the ability to distract you from fatigue, to transport you back in time to a favourite memory, and to increase your endurance and power you forward.

At ANTHEMCYCLE, there are no screens. Instead we want you to lose yourself in the music and focus on your body and what it is capable of.

Does it cater for all fitness levels?

Yes! No one has ever gone to a rhythm ride class and been an immediate pro. We encourage everyone at ANTHEMCYCLE to ride their own ride and do what is right for their body. If someone is unsure about a certain part of the ride or piece of choreography then that is ok. Just ride to the beat and enjoy the feeling of movement. Progression will happen naturally as riders keep coming back and before you know it, you will be a front row superstar.

Will I be locked into a contract?

ANTHEMCYCLE embraces flexibility in fitness. We don't lock you into a long term contract. We give you the freedom to choose how often you ride.

No memberships, no guilt.

Your ANTHEM, your way.

Buy one class or 50 classes, and choose when you ride. We have introductory class packages for new riders and we encourage regular riders to take advantage of the discounts our larger class packs offer.

Why do you need bike shoes to ride?

Cycle shoes provide numerous benefits that will improve your ride and the efficiency of your workout. Some of those are...

  • Security: clipping in means not having to worry about losing your footing when riding.

  • Body Alignment: Cycle shoes are stiffer than trainers, which prevent your feet from slipping around during your ride. This reduces the risk of your body coming out of alignment while riding and helps prevent injury.

  • Smoothness: more stability means your legs aren't working as hard to keep your feet in the proper position, therefore making your ride smoother and more efficient.

  • Cycle shoes make a massive difference, once you try them you will never want to ride without them.

What sets you apart for other spin classes?

ANTHEMCYCLE isn't just about weight loss and being fit. It isn't just about burning calories and improving your physique. Sure, you get all of those things, but what we strive to create is a moment in your day that is truly just for you. So often we get lost in the things we HAVE to do every day, but we don't take the time to take care of ourselves. Not just physically but also mentally. When you come to ANTHEMCYCLE, you are encouraged to tune out all tasks on your to-do list and just focus on being truly immersed in the moment. Just you, your bike, and your ANTHEM family finding joy in movement and music.

Do you have plans to expand in Sydney?

Fingers crossed we get the opportunity! We would absolutely love to bring ANTHEMCYCLE to other areas of Sydney and invite more riders into our ANTHEM family.


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