What My Builder Didn't Tell Me

I have quite an interest in this book because I had a lot to do with getting it published! The author, Howard Ryan has been a client and friend of mine since 2013. During these years I have helped Howard's business as a Building Inspector with marketing and as his webmaster for all his websites.

​Howard Ryan has over 50 years within the Residential Building and Inspection Industries, he is often called upon as an expert witness and knows his stuff!

What My Builder Didn't Tell Me was written to help builders, building inspectors and consumers to avoid costly litigation because they do not understand the 5 Elements of Contract Law (in layman’s terms) and the importance of contemporaneous note-taking. What My Builder Didn't Tell Me is written in easy to comprehend language by a builder who himself has experienced the pitfalls and financial setbacks of not understanding The 5 Elements of Contract Law.  Fast forward 30 years on and he now educates other builders, building inspectors and their clients on avoiding litigation due to disputes and is regularly called upon to be an Expert Witness in legal disputes or mediation. 

For those purchasing a house, renovating or building a house this book is a must read.

To purchase a copy click here.

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