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Why Your Next Holiday Should Be In A Caravan

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What Is A Staycation?

A staycation is where you choose to stay within your country and travel and holiday more locally rather than travelling abroad.

So, what are the benefits of this?

It Costs Less. One of the main reasons why having a staycation is becoming an increasingly popular option nowadays is that it is a cheaper holiday alternative.

When you pay for flights, transfers and accommodation, it can add up quickly and become expensive. You have to consider the travel and hotels, but you also have food to factor in and this cost per person. If you have holiday's multiple times a year, the costs can mount.

When you choose to holiday in hybrid campers, these expenses will be less. You have your accommodation sorted before you even leave home, you don't have to pay for restaurants to feed yourself or your family, you can nip to the local shop and cook your meals.

The Accommodation Is Yours

One of the best parts of going on holiday is the moment when it is over, and you get to sleep in your own bed with your home comforts.

When you are abroad, you are limited to your hotel's amenities. That doesn't always mean items you would deem essential will be included. When travelling in a caravan, you can take any important items with you and make this holiday as homily as you want.

The Whole Family Is Welcome

For some, leaving a cherished four-legged member at home whilst you are holidaying can bring added stress, pressure and cost. You need to find someone to have them or book them in for boarding services.

taking your pets on holiday

When you are having a staycation, the choice is entirely yours if they can attend his holiday or not. You have the space, and you don't have the added pressures of getting them minded. There are plenty of pet-friendly options and activities you can all partake in.

You Can Explore Parts Of your Country You Have Not Seen Before

One of the main reasons people like to holiday abroad is seeing new sights and having new experiences. But, can you honestly say that you have seen all that your home country has to offer?

It can be straightforward to miss what your homeland has to offer. Most of the time, you aren't even looking for it, and therefore, you can miss all of the attractions, beauty, and fun on your doorstep.

When you travel in a caravan, you can be exploring North of Australia for one week and then move onto a different coast for another. You are not limited to your hotel or a certain distance from your accommodation. As long as there is a road, you can explore those sights and move from beauty spot to beauty spot.


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