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Zandra Rhodes IKEA Collaboration

Swedish homeware giant IKEA has announced a colourful homewares collaboration with British designer, Zandra Rhodes. Ikea will explore how to bring vibrance and colour, with local pattern cultures across the globe to create designs throughout the seasons.

IKEA believe that homes are a perfect reflection of those that live inside with patterns and colour playing an important role in the creation of such an environment.

Patterns and colours can alter the character of a space in many ways. It can visually change the size of a room, affect the atmosphere and the light. Using patterns and colour is also a relatively easy and low cost way to make a change, adapt to the seasons or tell a story of places you have been, what you like and who you are. 

The intention with this collaboration is to see what happens when colourful fashion prints, inspired by local pattern cultures from across the globe, are put into the home context.

Zandra Rhodes Ikea Collaboration

About Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes was one of the new wave of British designers who put London at the forefront of the international fashion scene in the 1970s. Her designs are considered clear, creative statements; dramatic but graceful; audacious but feminine. Rhodes' inspiration has been from organic material and nature. Her unconventional and colourful prints were often inspired by travel; chevron stripes from the Ukraine and the symbols of the North American Indian, Japanese flowers, calligraphy and shells.

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