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Pure Fiji - Anti Aging Intense Day Creme

By Deb Carr

This is a gorgeous product for those, ahem, with more mature skins such as myself. I find the creme quite thick but once applied it's remarkably light and it smells as you would expect, tropical. Visit the website for some wellness tips and learn more about this great company. Some nice pics on the site too, makes me want to jump on a plane to Fiji!


The creme is a rich botanical blend enhanced with peptides which dramatically increases collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to smooth and prevent wrinkles whilst restructuring and densifying the dermis. Pure Fiji’s botanical blend of green coconut, cold pressed virgin coconut, dilo, sikeci and macadamia nut oils nourish and encourage cellular renewal. Ngi grass and powerful deep sea antioxidants increase cellular water flow and moisture holding power. Plant based peptides stimulate the process to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone.

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