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Eau-De-Vie Darlinghurst | Review by Alissa Thibault

If cocktails and jazz do it for you, then Eau-De-Vie is your kind of place. Tucked in behind a lobby on Darlinghurst Road, this quaint little speak easy is like stepping back to a time when pin-striped suits and long pearl necklaces were all the rage.

The set up is perfect for an intimate night cap - antique lounges, mood lighting, sensual jazz music… it’s definitely not the kind of place for a rowdy night on the town.

At first the cocktail list can be quite overwhelming - it’s a good 26 pages with romantic descriptions of their drinks (only one is dedicated to their beer and wine selection) so it can take a while to make a decision. The bartenders do make it a little easier and they’re only too happy to help you pick something based on what you like. Each drink is made with the highest quality ingredients too so even though they look small, they’re top shelf.

It’s not a cheap night out, each cocktail will set you back around $19, they also take a while to make, but it’s definitely a classy experience.

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