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The GIO Youngcare Budgie Bolt | Things to do in Sydney

Budgie Smugglers. David Hasselhoff shaped them into an icon. The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott made them embarrassing. Daniel Craig turned them sexy. Once again, GIO and Youngcare have teamed up to give bold blokes, gutsy girls and keen kids an opportunity to raise awareness and much needed funds for young Aussies with high care needs by running 6kms in nothing but Budgie Smugglers or Smugglettes!

The GIO Youngcare Budgie Bolt is an audacious and venturesome race which aims to increase community awareness about the lack of choice in care and housing options available for young Aussies with high care needs. Every dollar raised by those brassy, budgie bolters will help Youngcare provide grants to stop young people going into aged care. In 2014, the Budgie Bolt will be held on Friday March 28 from 4pm starting and finishing at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney (NSW

Those budgies might feel uncomfortable but it’s not as uncomfortable as being a young person in aged care. Dare to be brave and bolt in your budgies! #BudgieBolt

Find Youngcare on Facebook today!

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