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National Tree Day

National Tree Day

Sunday 27th July

Planet Ark is encouraging all Australians to be part of National Tree Day on Sunday 27th July and Schools Tree Day on Friday 25th July by connecting with nature, adding value to our environment and planting for the future.

National Tree Day, sponsored by Toyota Australia, is Australia’s biggest tree-planting and nature care event, and sees over 200,000 people take part at more than 3,000 sites around the country every year, contributing to the environment, to their own health and wellbeing and to the local community.

There are many ways you can participate in National Tree Day, whether you're an individual, family, community or sports group, school or a business. Register as a Site Coordinator and host your own planting and nature care activity in your community, or lend a hand at an existing planting site. Individuals can also organise a personal planting site at their home with their family, friends and neighbours, in backyards, apartment blocks, nature strips or along their streets (with the local council’s thumbs up).

Participating in National Tree Day means you’ll be contributing to the country’s biggest community tree planting and joining thousands of individuals in making a difference, spending time in nature, beautifying neighbourhoods and inspiring positive environmental change. So get into nature and grow. Visit or call 1300 88 5000 to register your site or find your nearest public planting activity.

Schools Tree Day

Friday 25th July

Each year approximately 175,000 Australian school, pre-school and childcare students participate in Schools Tree Day – the special National Tree Day event just for kids. Recent research shows that outdoor play and green time are vital for developing a child’s imagination, fostering a love of nature and improving overall health and wellbeing.

This Schools Tree Day, all teachers and students across the country are encouraged to get outside, connect with nature, and green their environments by planting trees and having fun.

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