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Music Interview: Australian country singer Kristy Cox

by Deb Carr

I interviewed the delightful Kristy Cox via telephone who is making quite a name for herself in Nashville.

Where were you born and where did your love of country music come from?

I was born in South Australia in Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills. I started listening to country music at a very young age because my pop was a big country follower and he listened to all sorts of music from just about every country artist.

You won Female Vocalist of the Year (2013) and Entertainer of the Year (2013) at the Australian Independent Country Awards. How did that make you feel?

I was very excited. I was in North Carolina at the time and wanted to get on plane and come straight home to receive the awards myself but I was recording so I couldn’t get back. It’s so nice to know that the industry recognizes what I do.

How long have you been in Nashville?

I’ve had six trips to US in last 18 months and relocated there in May last year. I’m back in Australia until after Tamworth. I love being back home.

How long did “Living in the Moment” take to record?

Only about 5 days – all the tracks were done live we were all in one big room. We played with then band that are on stage with me. It was great to record with friends instead of session guys.

I’m intrigued about the lyrics of country music sometimes the words are really inspiring and sometimes they are like “Oh my goodness, that’s very sad”. Where do you get your inspiration?

(That question made us both laugh)…

Most country songs used to be about heartbreak. I write from my own experience or from the people around me. I’m not that imaginative, I can’t just write, I need to have felt the experience myself. I write about my life experiences.

You are touring with honky tonk, Travis List, who is rapidly becoming known as one of Australian country’s best male vocalists. Where are you travelling?

Yes we are on the road Touring together in our JAYCO caravan. Tonight we are playing Broken Hill. We will be in Canberra, Sydney, Lismore Grafton, all the way up to Tamworth (they were actually on the road during the call with Travis driving).

See the show at Rooty Hill RSL Club, Rooty Hill on September 19th.

Travis List Country Singer

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