Podtime has arrived in Sydney: Now napping is encouraged

Studies show that napping when you feel those yawns coming on can actually be beneficial to you. On Thursday lunchtime (23rd October) you can experience what it's like to have a little nap in your private pod right in the Middle of Martin Place Amphitheatre.

Medical research shows a short power nap for only 20 minutes or so will give you more energy, make you clear-headed and put you back on track, well-prepared for whatever the rest of the day might bring. In fact in many countries having a nap at work – or a siesta - is normal and something the responsible worker is expected to do. This is catching on in Europe and North America, where many companies are providing spaces so workers can take a nap if they need to without feeling that they are 'slacking' on the job.

UK Company Podtime is experiencing considerable success with a range of cylindrical pods that can be quickly installed in a workplace to provide a safe, private place where employees can rest, perchance to nap.

These pods, aptly named Harmony, Serenity and Tranquillity, have now been introduced to Australia.

They will be on display at the Martin Place amphitheatre at lunchtime on Thursday, 23 October to show employers and employees how worker health and productivity can be improved by a few minutes peace in a pod.

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What is your opinion? Good idea to have work time naps?

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