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There’s a new drink in town: Ovi Hydration

By Deb Carr

Ovi Hydration

Yesterday I attended the launch of Ovi Hydration, which is a delicious infusion of water containing natural flavours, fruit juice honey and natural minerals with antioxidants from green tea. Launching into an already over-crowded flavoured water market is a big call and I think these guys are going to pull it off.

I am not a fan of flavoured drinks, preferring water myself, however I have to say that I have taken an instant liking to Ovi Hydration, it is only mildly flavoured and does not have that sweet taste many drinks have. In fact, I drank the whole bottle at breakfast, which was making me feel much better considering I had one too many, the night before at a celebration dinner. It actually made me feel like my body was rejoicing the fact it was being rehydrated! Maybe that should be Ovi’s tagline “Hangover Cure for Party Girls”.

Ovi Hydration Review

Ovi Hydration was created in a response to a strong consumer desire that promises hydration with lower sugar content and no artificial ingredients. Ovi Hydration replenishes the body with important natural minerals and antioxidants, while still keeping a refreshing taste. Flavours are; Citrus (my favourite), Peach and Berry and all low in calories. #WeLike

Available for around $4.29 and the bottle is a slim design too, which I like, no dragging around bulky bottles!

Oh and big shout out to the team at Poolside Cafe at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool for a fabulous breakfast and great service.

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