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Street Growth & Rough Edges assisting those in need.

I was chatting with Darius Rountree-Harrison the other day about our local community (Kings Cross area) and Darius mentioned to me a couple of community initiatives he is involved in. I then discovered he is the President of Street Growth and a Team Leader at Rough Edges. Darius is deeply passionate about social equality; wanting to provide opportunities for meaning, wellbeing and different social environments to assist those in need.

I'm a lover of gardening myself and think that Street Growth, which is a not-for-profit charity, is a great community project. The organisation focuses on mental health issues, aiming to improve the lives of homeless and disadvantaged individuals. The garden runs weekly through a growing season, providing meaning, purpose, support and opportunity to the homeless and disadvantaged. Street Growth envisage a socially sustainable future, combining personal pride, social responsibility and green practices.

General Information:

For more information about Street Growth and how to get involved or just simply make a donation, drop us (Darius, Jo or Andrew) a line at

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