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There are over 300 million children in developing countries who walk the world barefoot: Moeloco Fli

Moeloco flip flops leave a positive message whenever they are worn and it's more than the imprint left in the sand. Each pair of Moeloco flip flops that are worn on the sand leave a positive message behind, yet there is far more to the positive message and pretty designs to these thongs. Each pair sold puts a pair of shoes on a child in poverty.

There are over 300 million children in developing countries who walk without shoes – so Sydney entrepreneur and social innovator, Kathy Wong, is on a quest to make a difference. And so far she's doing a good job. Having met Kathy I knew instantly that she has a heart of gold and is determined to see her mission through.

Kathy launched Moeloco, a brand of flip flops that leave inspiring messages imprinted in sand. These words are peace happiness, love, dream crazy.

Moeloco uses a simple business model based on the one-for-one concept to put shoes on impoverished children; through a collaboration with the Hope Foundation in Calcutta, Moeloco will donate one pair of shoes to an impoverished Indian child for every pair of flip flops sold.

Kathy was heartbroken when she became aware of the devastation caused by children living without shoes and seeing some children suffering from lesions that even led to amputation.

Instead of dwelling in the despair Kathy set about creating Moeloco so that she could make a difference and inspire others to realise that they can have a powerful impact on the world around them as well.

The Flips Flops are just the beginning for Moeloco – there is so much more to come.

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