Five Essential Items to Pack for Your Hotel Stay

For some people, staying in hotels is just a part of their business life, and for others it’s a bit of a novelty. I’ve stayed in so many hotels that I couldn’t count over the years and one thing I have learnt, is to pack light and pack well.

Whether you are a frequent traveller, going on a holiday or just having an overstay night in a hotel room there are a few things to always remember to pack, apart from the obvious toiletries, clothes & charger.


Even if it’s the middle of summer it can still rain! Find a coat that is lightweight enough and will protect you from a chilly wind or keep the rain off in an unexpected shower. My coat (pictured below) is light enough to roll (to stop creases) and can be worn in both summer or winter.

To pack the coat if you don’t want to wear it or carry it simply roll it into a log shape as folding will wrinkle certain trench coats or fold the coat into a large resealable bag that can have the air vacuumed out. Hang it up as soon as you check in to your room.


Take a good quality pair of headphones for a number of reasons; like not being able to sleep, going to the hotel gym for a workout if you prefer listening to your own music, or taking yourself out for a walk with your favourite beats. Most hotels are quiet, but if you do happen to be in a noisy area then headphones are handy for blocking the noise out too, especially if you have a noise cancelling pair.


Most hotels have a swimming pool so you may as well make use of it whilst you are there. One thing to take is a pair of thongs so you have something on your feet to walk to and from the pool with. For ladies a sarong doesn't take up much room in your bag and is another essential for those staying at resorts or hotels where you will be spending time by the pool. I'm sure I don't even have to mention for those visiting hotels with outdoor pools not to forget to pack the sunscreen.


Waking up in the middle of the night with a headache or finding a blister on your foot from your shoes is no fun if you are in a hotel room and the shops are shut. Pack a small first aid kit in your bag with paracetomol, bandaids, aloe vera gel for sunburn relief, antibacterial cream, and of course any prescription medicines you take.


Nothing makes me feel more at home and relaxed than a fragrant candle or room vaporizer with an exotic scent. It’s not practical to be carrying around a vaporizer however you can take your favourite essential oil to dab on some cotton wool and place around the hotel room or take with you one of th roll on essential oils to roll onto your wrist. I'd love to suggest lighting a candle in your room but I'd say that could be against the rules, and imagine if you set off the fire alarms!

There are no shortage of hotels in Sydney with plenty of good deals, and here is a good starting place to start to look to book a hotel. For visitors to Sydney you will find that most hotels will have plenty of information about things to do in Sydney and will help you with maps, car rentals, airport transfers.

DISCLAIMER: This article was written in collaboration with Accor.

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