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The Sydney Soul Hug: Mass Group Hug

The Festival of Dreams embraces Ancient Wisdom and Modern Living. The Sydney Soul Hug is the natural launch event for thist hree day event (11 - 13 September, 2015 at the Hordern Pavilion) Spiritualists, religious, political, sporting, entertainment and community leaders and members from every part of society will be attending and participating in this mass group hug on the shore of Sydney Harbour. The Hug officially begins at 1pm on Wednesday 9th September 2015 (gathering at 12.30) at Mrs Macquarie's Chair. Native American Elder Saginaw Grant and Spiritual Pathfinder Rick Mora are just two of our special international hug participants. Our list of contributors and huggers is growing and we encourage all to participate. At a time when or differences are being used to draw people apart, the simple act of unity and warmth that a group hugh represents will be a powerful experience for everyone involved. We will start to gather at around 12.30 and commence the hug after Indigenous leaders and Elder Grant have blessed the hug. All are welcome.

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