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Sydney Dance Company "Triptych" - A Hauntingly Beautiful Performance

Photo: With permission Sydney Dance Company Instagram

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Preview of Sydney Dance Company’sTriptych”. It's a double treat with the collaboration of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and the sensational voice of Katie Noonan.

There are three parts to this intriguing program:

Part One – Simple Symphony

Part Two – Les Illuminations

Part Three – Variation 10

Breathtaking is what this performance is! From the moment it started I knew that we were in for something extraordinary. The performers had me mesmerized by their strength, passion, flow and movement. At times it looked like some of the dancers were moulding into one body.

The costumes by Toni Maticevski were sensational with minimal fabric making a massive impact.

Triptych is a sensual dance which I interpreted at times to convey a message that the dancers were neither male nor female; they were just one.

Hats off to this hauntingly beautiful performance.

Photo of the beautiful Chloe Leong via Instagram



Across a trio of breathtaking dance pieces, Triptych offers a radiant marriage of movement and music as we join ACO2 and legendary songstress Katie Noonan live on stage. Born from the passionate choreography of Rafael Bonachela, Triptych brings together three captivating visions of dance. A never-before-seen work from Bonachela, Variation 10, joins a repeat performance of his Les Illuminations – a deeply romantic, two-part tribute to the shimmering compositions of Benjamin Britten, returning after a sold-out 2013 season at Sydney Opera House.

Showcasing dramatic costumes by Helpmann Award-winning Toni Maticevski, Triptych promises an unforgettable evening of dance and music.

Duration: 106 minutes including a 20 minute interval

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