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Decorating an outside area for under $1,000

If it's good enough for our former Prime Minister, then it's good enough for me. I'm talking about Tony Abbott purchasing from Grumtree, and who can blame him because there are so many great things for sale on the site, and you can save hundreds of dollars.

So I thought I would have a look at what I could find to decorate an outdoor area with a budget of $1,000. This is what I found, and I must say I’ve enjoyed writing this post and checking out what you can find on Gumtree. I haven’t linked to the items because the links won’t be there as long as this post is because the items will sell, but I have grabbed the photos from each item from Gumtree’s website.

I loved this outdoor wood fire pit garden patio heater in a round terracotta pot and couldn’t believe the price at just $99.00. The price includes the pit, the stand, the inside rack and lid. The pit is made of terracotta.

The fire pit is available brand-new in the box. Ideal for cold nights and outdoor entertaining, at the time of writing it is summer but I could just imagine having it lit at night time on a cool early Autumn evening sipping a glass of bubbles!

Orange and white 3 piece outdoor setting $150

The setting includes 2 chairs and a table, made from UV resistant round PE (Polyethylene) rattan with aluminum powder coated frame. The table has 5mm tempered glass. So now my backyard (in my mind) has a cute wood burner, I’m watching the flames whilst sipping champagne and sitting on my cute little table setting, and a friend has joined me for a drink.

This setting has a 2 year warranty.

Carried Forward Spend $249

Brand New BBQ for $100

The bbq was apparently given as a gift and never used! Woot! $100 I can’t believe it! Now I’m sitting on my new chair, watching the flames, sipping champagne and my friend is cooking the dinner on the bbq (hey he’s got to pull his weight I’m busy making up this story).

Carried Forward Spend $349

Solar Powered Water Fountain $120

Wow! I’m really picking up some deals here today. The fountain is made of Poly-resin/Fibreglass and has 4 LED lights turning on in the dark.

5 metres of cable from the solar panel to the unit. The fountain has to be placed somewhere to get direct sunlight! Now we are saving more money by not spending on electricity.

Water bubbles out of the top of the boulder. At night it lights up creating a surreal and peaceful atmosphere, adding a touch of serenity to any outdoor area.

My imagined scene is looking really good now: Friend cooking bbq, sipping champagne, looking at the flames, the bbq is smelling really good and I have the tranquil sound of my new fountain.

Carried Forward Total $469

Frangipani $20

Gorgeous frangipanis in white and yellow or pinks.

Carried Forward Total $489

Large Rustic Terracotta Urn $55.00 (for my Frangipani).

The final scene: It’s a cool night, we are sitting at the table, warmed by our garden fire, my friend as burnt the sausages but we don’t mind we rather sip champagne, we enjoy the tranquil sound of the waterfall and admire the beautiful Frangipani, which still has a few flowers and leaves before dropping for winter.

Carried Forward Total $ 544

TOTAL $544 way under budget! Now I have change I can go shop for some clothes!

Sydney Chic worked in collaboration with Gumtree. Read full Disclaimer.

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