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Affiliate Disclosure. A few links on this website are affiliate links. This means a small commission is paid to Sydney Chic, however this does not incur any extra costs to the purchasers, and in some cases, may even offer discounts. This helps fund this website as we do not have any pop-up advertising or annoying lightboxes.

Sydney Chic Is Heading South....Well Sort Of!

What we are really doing is expanding our reach and will be conducting reviews from the Southern Highlands through to Canberra and surrounds. I'm really pleased to introduce Julie Harrington, a former work colleague of mine, and friend for nearly a decade! We welcome enquiries from restaurants, wineries, festivals, events, theatre and hotels in the region.


With a love of food, wine and fun, Julie Harrington is Sydney Chic’s reviewer for the Southern Highlands through to Canberra and surrounds. Julie has a long history as a freelance writer spanning from mainstream print columnist and online columnist through to her own marketing content business with Ink Plum. She has industry experience and knowledge having owned a popular restaurant and through her own travels and lifelong curiousity with cooking.


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