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Sengled's LED Light Bulbs Combined With a Camera, Speaker or a Wifi Signal Booster

In the 80’s the epitome of cool was owning a ‘brick’ styled mobile phone, in the 90’s you showed everyone your cool credentials with your DVD player and by the noughties you just had to have your whole house hard wired for sound. Now, in the twenty 10’s, our phones are not just phones, movies are streamed and even our light bulbs are wireless.

But Sengled has taken it one, or is that several steps further, with a range of highly energy efficient LED light bulbs combined with a camera, speaker or a wifi signal booster.

The Sengled Pulse combines a dimmable LED light with a JBL Bluetooth speaker. By connecting up to eight bulbs you could cover even the largest house. At the Home of the Future, in Melbourne’s City Square, the volume was cranked up to 10 and the sound was still crystal clear. The Sengled Boost works in much the same way, but helps to boost your Wi-Fi signal. According to Sengled you can link more than 250 of the Boost bulbs together, so now you can forget about those painful black spots in the spare room or in the back yard.

Sengled’s Snap bulb is designed to work inside or out, combining a powerful LED global with a camera. Given its size, I ‘d suggest you’d only want to install it outside. The camera isn’t just any camera, it is a full 1080 digital video camera. I love the ‘trigger’ zones you can make to set off the motion detector and even more impressive is the full night vision mode.

All of the Sengled products can be controlled by their simple to use App (available in both the APP Store and the Play Store). Now, there are a few downsides:

  1. These aren’t the cheapest outdoor security cameras around, but the videos they take are admissible in court and the motion detection is pretty clever.

  2. If you want to record the footage you capture you also have to sign-up to their fee-paying cloud storage service; and

  3. They only have one mount – a screw mount.

Would I buy a Snap? If I lived in a house or a high crime area, the live security feed and the motion detector would bring peace of mind. But, both the Boost and Pulse are more my scene and help solve issues I have everyday.



Stephen Mobbs is the CEO & Exclusive Partner of Slow Cow Australia and NZ. Stephen travels frequently between Sydney and Melbourne.

Disclaimer: Stephen was a guest of Sengled and received product to review

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