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What do Penguins and Sydney Eye Tower Have in Common?

Yesterday, and Sydney Chic had the afternoon off to take Junior Style Guy aka Dante to see the Penguins at Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium and we also surprised him with a 3D movie and trip to the top of Sydney Eye Tower. The common factor between penguins and Sydney Tower Eye is that customers can purchase a number of passes for different activities around Sydney resulting in substantial savings on ticket price.

There are five attractions that are available to choose from including: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, Madame Tussauds Sydney, Sydney Tower Eye, Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

Now back to the Penguins. Our first sighting of penguins was the little fairy penguins at feeding time. Such comedians! We thought they were shaking because they were cold but we soon found out they shake because it helps them get more food! Clever! After the penguin feeding frenzy we wandered through the other marvels of the aquarium, looking at fish, jellyfish and of course sharks! It’s school holidays so it was very crowded so I think I’d enjoy it more during a quieter time as fish and underwater life convey ‘peace’ to me. Some penguin facts here

I was eager to see the King and Gentoo Penguins; they are one of my most adored creatures on the planet and finally we arrived at the queue. Even though the sign said we had a 15-minute wait it was much quicker than that and before we knew it we were on the little boat sailing past the penguins. I was in penguin heaven! It far exceeded what I had anticipated.

Our little boat trip ended way too quickly however we were then able to look at the penguins on the other side and get a close up of them at the windows. They were sliding down hills, walking up slopes, sitting on rocks, sleeping and preening! At one stage one of them came right up at the window to check us out!

King Penguin

As we were making our way out, we had the opportunity to colour in a fish on paper, which is then scanned onto a massive animated screen with your fish picture swimming! Unfortunately our fish never scanned in properly so I don’t have a photo of these creations. It’s a great idea and a good way to calm the little one’s down after the excitement of the aquarium, and believe me some of them needed calming down!

I really enjoyed the penguins and the aquarium and as we left little Dante said, “I wish this never ended”.

Sydney Blog

Next stop we surprised Dante with a trip to Sydney Tower Eye I’ve actually walked on the outside of the Tower and it’s an experience I won’t forget. Before we made our way to the lift, we were offered the opportunity to watch a short 3D movie about Sydney. I won’t spoil it here and say what it was but do take the time to watch it if you visit; you won’t be disappointed.

Sydney Tower Eye

Next it was time to go to the lift for the long ride up. If you are scared of lifts then this might not be for you. Unfortunately this is when my day got ruined thanks to the rude security guard checking bags on the way through. He abruptly demanded I open my bags and then when my two ‘opened’ bags went through, he deliberately placed them with some force facing down so the contents would fall out. Seriously? This is a tourist attraction mate, not a security check for a prison visit!

Sydney Tower Eye

We made it to the top of the tower and it was also very busy. It’s worth a visit to Sydney Tower Eye because the view is nothing short of spectacular!

For great family fun during the school holidays do check out SEALIFE Sydney

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