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Urbipod Self Sustaining Indoor Herb Garden


Photo above: My Urbipod three weeks from planting

After three weeks I can finally enjoy my own home-grown herbs. Well at least the Cress and Rocket. I'm still watching the Oregano and Basil to mature, which shouldn't be too far away.

The idea is that the Urbipods grow in a bed of 100% natural by-product of coconuts. They are eco friendly with high water retention - perfect for plant growth. Also the lighting is automatic and gives the plants the right amount of light that they need.

The only thing you have to do is plant up the pod and fill the water container as well as adding a cap of nutrients when the indicator marker tells you to.

Here is my little garden from the start until today (approx three weeks).

You can purchase one yourself from and use the code sydneychic10% for a ten percent discount.

Photo: My first use of the herbs

Check out the Gallery below and watch the progress.

I'm a Brand Ambassador for the product and accepted the invitation to represent the company because I personally love growing my own herbs and this makes it so easy.

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