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Staying on Track This Silly Season

“You can’t call it the silly season if you’re an idiot year round”- Sean Syddall, 2017

There is no denying we are in the middle of silly season here in Sydney - the social calendar is packed.

Most Australians put on 0.8 - 1.5 kg over this period.

Here are my best tips for balancing having a social life and not turning into a Christmas pudding

  • Avoid going hungry to parties. Eat something protein based before going to events. This will help keep you fuller for longer.

  • Don’t try to lose weight over the Christmas season. Instead, aim to maintain your current weight.

  • Watch your portion sizes. Snacking always leads to overeating - try to have a sit down meal.

  • Try some sort of fasting practice. If you know you have a big afternoon and evening of eating lined up, you don’t need a big breakfast - and if you’ve over indulged, pull back on the calories in the days following.

Remember total calories in VS calories out will dictate weight gain. Remain active, put some boundaries in place and still enjoy yourself!

Coach Sean

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