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Culture Up Late at The Australian Museum

Culture up Late

The Australian Museum (AM) will be brought to life at night with Culture Up Late, a summer-long season of virtual reality shows, hands-on workshops, live music, special tours, performances and protest.

Over eight Wednesday nights, the nation’s first museum will be turned inside out in celebration of First Nations, Mardi Gras, science, art, the environment and love, offering a mid-week diversion with a difference.

Culture Up Late will see a dozen artists, scientists and performers transform the AM for adults, from 24 January to 14 March, into an interactive space for the curious of heart and mind.

What: Culture Up Late When: 5-9pm every Wednesday, from 24th January to 14th March Where: Australian Museum – 1 William St, Sydney Tickets: Adult $20, Concession $18, AM Members $16. Bookings: / Tickets at the door subject to availability. Recommended for: Adults and ages 13 years+

Culture up late


January 24: We Stand Strong (Ngalu Warrawi Marri in Gadigal language) Curated by First Nations staff, We Stand Strong celebrates First Nations protest and resilience, and interrogates the ways that Australia celebrates national identity. The evening features deadly-designed jewellery workshops, a DJ’s “decolonisation beats” and Change the Date VR rap video.

January 31: How We Connect In a screen-saturated world, where time and eye contact are in short supply, here’s a chance to tune into your own biology and expand your mind, as you explore the threads of connection that run through culture, science and the environment. From tours to music compositions, scientific demonstrations and one-on-one performances, visitors are invited to forge new connections.

February 7: Half the Sky Inspiring women curate and perform Half the Sky’s diverse and surprising offerings. Savour bespoke tours and tall tales from the museum’s collections, scientist talks, workshops, live music and an intimate one-on-one performance that is driven by adventure, touch and trust.

February 14: Anti-Valentine’s Day An evening exploring affairs of the heart in their many exquisite forms, dedicated to those unimpressed by crass commercialism, glib sentiment or cliché. An unconventional and uncommercial take on love and life, with performances of love songs gone right and wrong, “speed hating” sessions, Voodoo doll workshops and live dissections.

February 21: Turning the Tide The threat to the Earth’s marine life and oceans posed by pollution and climate change demands action. Join scientists, activists and artists to better understand the problem and discover how to be part of the solution, through short films, live music and an immersive VR experience of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef.

February 28: Another View During this special evening, presented as part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, LGBTQI artists explore new museum perspectives through performance, tours and live shows. The evening features live cabaret performances, art and an irreverent “Mating in the Wild” tour.

March 7: Oceania Connections Join us as we bring the museum’s Pacific collections to life through storytelling, creative arts, performance and the sharing of knowledge. The evening features cultural dances, Pacific DJ tracks and a special tour of the museum’s collections and galleries.

March 14: Tomorrow (barrabugu in Gadigal language) Aboriginal guests examine how First Nations knowledge may be the key to a better shared future for us all. After 60,000 years of sustainability, what next? The evening features bite-sized language lessons and workshops in bush food and making jewellery with natural materials.

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