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3 Tips For Creating A Functional Kitchen

3 Tips For Creating A Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of the house. It explains why many Australians spend up to $40,000 to renovate this area. However, the kitchen is more than the enclosed space used for cooking. Certain things must be put in to ensure that the area is properly set up for all house occupants. A functional kitchen is the dream of any homeowner and house occupant. Therefore, these tips help make the place functional when you can set yours up.

Adequate walking space around the kitchen island

While the island can be a distinctive kitchen feature, it can sometimes hinder accessibility. This usually happens when the kitchen island is unusually large and placed in a small kitchen. The average kitchen size in Australia is 4.2m x 3.4m, which means that an unusually large island will take up undue space. Therefore, if you still want an island in your kitchen, just ensure that the size fits comfortably in the space.

More importantly, it should give you ample space to walk around without bumping into the edges. Additionally, an ideal island will allow you to open your refrigerator or dishwasher doors without any obstruction. This is particularly important if you need to work on your refrigerator to resolve a malfunction or simply replace a light bulb. You can get a refrigerator lightbulb here if your appliance needs one and almost every appliance part required for the DIY repairs.

Larger counter space is better

An ample counter space is where all your food prepping happens before cooking or storing them in their respective places. A wider kitchen counter provides convenience and a safe place to do all the cutting required in the kitchen. It is worth noting that many kitchen renovations are carried out with the sole objective of creating a larger counter space. According to a 2019 survey, many Australians who revamped their kitchens re-did the counter to have more surface area. According to kitchen designers, a small counter can look cluttered even when it’s not. On the other hand, a larger one automatically eliminates a cluttered look.

Adequate lighting

How well-lit is your kitchen? Do you find yourself wondering about shadowed spaces, especially around the corners of the kitchen? This is usually an indication of inadequate lighting in that area. Modern kitchens have adequate illumination, which explains why contemporary kitchens have light fixtures installed inside or underneath upper cabinets and drawers. Admittedly many of these installations are expensive.

However, you can find affordable ones that are easy to fix around your cabinets for improved illumination. Ensure that all light fixtures installed are not close to any water source in the kitchen. This means these installations must be reasonably far from the sink and the water heater. The objective here is to avoid electrocution and other hazards in the kitchen.

Especially if you enjoy cooking, creating a functional kitchen will make things more convenient and safer for you. These tips should help.

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