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Explore The East Coast of Australia

Australia is a vast country with much of it still unused and remains that way because it is too expansive, wild, and deadly. However, there is so much to explore in Australia now that travel restrictions are easing.


Deniliquin is a beautiful aquatic playground on the Edward River, a tributary of the Murray River. This waterside town is ideal for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and fishing, as well as bushwalking, cycling, and golfing. It also hosts the world-famous Deni Ute Muster.

Explore the river by kayak, boat, or houseboat, or rent a bike and pedal along the riverbank. You can also cycle the Beach to Beach-Riverside Walk, which includes the Island Sanctuary, home to kangaroos and more than 100 bird species. Or take in the scenery from the nearby Deniliquin Golf Club or stay in a Deniliquin caravan park.

Sealy Sky Tower Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is a famous holiday town on New South Wales North Coast with its pristine beaches and attractions.

The Forest Sky Pier, Sealy Lookout, is close to the Big Banana, the region's famous icon. The drive up to the lookout is scenic, passing through many banana plantations before entering a winding uphill road through the rainforest. Tree Tops Coffs Harbour is a fun stop on the way to the lookout.

Founded in 1826, Stroud is the historical heart of the Port Stephens Estate. You've probably heard of the famous Stroud Show, but there's so much more to this charming village. Stroud is picturesque, with rolling hills and village buildings that transport you back in time.

Robert Dawson named the town in 1826 because the valley reminded him of the Cotswolds countryside in England. The plan was to ship the wool grown in the area to mills in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.


Victoria has both the heart-pumping and the heavenly, with roaring sporting events, famed coastal drives, and sensational food and wine.

Melbourne Victoria

Melbourne's food, culture, and the sports-obsessed capital city have enough to keep visitors entertained for days.

Even better, the most enticing experiences in Victoria are all within a short drive of the city. From mountain vistas to cool-climate wines and adorable penguins, Victoria will leave you speechless in every direction.

167,219 hectares. That's the size of Grampians National Park. It's open 24-hours a day. It's very vast, tropical and wildlife run around in it without hesitation from the human beings walking around. It's been on the National Heritage list for about 14 years or so now. Rock art dates back to many hundreds of years as the native people of the landscape made paintings and all kinds of expressions of their lifestyle and culture. You will see many of these paintings all over the rock face. It's protected, so you shouldn't try to touch it for the sake of preserving this unique piece of human history.

You will also find that reptiles, kangaroos and other wildlife are roaming around. You are not in a zoo, so don't try to take selfies with them; you could put yourself in danger. But to observe them in their natural habitat is unforgettable. If you want a hiking or camping trip, you can certainly do worse.

The Yarra Valley is home to Australia's finest vineyards. Here they make some excellent wines, and lately, they have been selling big abroad. You might find these wines in Europe pretty soon, and because their label is not as recognized as others, yet their quality is almost as good, you can pick them up for a bargain.

Yarra Valley

However, if you want taste testing, you should go to the Yarra Valley and see Fergusson and Yering Station. Punt Road is also another brand that you might like. Each winery has its take on what wine should be like, and because Australian cuisine is slightly different from most Western nations, their wines have a unique combination of purple and red grapes, dry fruits and spices. You should also try their wines with a classic barbecue as they also make particular lines of wine for the summer food that we all love. But other newcomers in the area are opening up their wineries, and it's just a wonderland for anyone who wants to taste new wines that you cannot find anywhere else. It doesn't hurt that the tropical climate makes the tour of the vineyards so relaxing.

Victoria is a prosperous state in Australia. It's got plenty of cultures, food, wine, and landscape to explore. We think that it's almost a hidden gem in a way as more people are soon to find what's on offer.

Things to do in Queensland

Visit Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest, but don't overlook the city's other attractions. There are fantastic cafés, bustling markets, and plenty of beaches nearby. Spend your days exploring this tropical oasis or relaxing by a resort pool.

It's challenging to find a more charming Sunshine Coast town than Montville. This quaint village perched on the Blackall Range is home to art galleries, cosy coffee shops, and boutique stores selling everything from handmade beanies to one-of-a-kind sculptures created by local artists. There are numerous lodging options in town, including rainforest cabins, luxury resorts, and charming hinterland cottages.

Montville Queensland Sunrise

Founded in 1887, Montville is close to the Kondalilla National Park, a great place to go hiking, walking, having a picnic, or cooling off in a waterfall. Hikers can access the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk from Montville, a 58-kilometre trail with panoramic views of the coast and Hinterland.

Brisbane Australia

Discover award-winning restaurants, enticing rooftop bars, sensational shopping, stunning new 5-star hotels, cultural experiences, and thrilling urban adventures in Brisbane.

Within an hour of the city, you'll find World Heritage rainforests, majestic mountain peaks, and the pristine Moreton Bay, which is teeming with magnificent islands and wildlife.


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