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The Girl's Guide To Sydney Australia: 5 Fun Things To Do

The Girl's Guide To Sydney Australia: 5 Fun Things To Do

Sydney is one of the few tourist attractions in the world that tick off the most number of boxes regarding the versatility of experiences you can have. Whether it's relaxing on the beach, shopping, sightseeing, learning cultural history through visiting the wealth of museums, hiking in the Blue Mountains, or observing the breathtaking architecture. It is a must-have destination if you are visiting Australia! If you are a girl looking to make the most of her trip to Sydney, here are a few fun things that you can consider adding to your trip itinerary.

Sydney Opera House

1. Sydney Opera House For The Musically Inclined

Are you a lover of music? Then you must visit the Sydney Opera House, a pivotal and instantly recognisable part of the city's skyline. Depending on when you're in town you can catch a concert, go to the theatre or even classical music performances and dance. The Opera House is where contemporary and classic co-exist, so everyone is something. Eight art companies currently call this seminal opera house home, including the Bell Shakespeare and the Australia Chamber Orchestra.

Surry Hills

2. Surry Hills For The High Life

Surry Hills is perfect for a glimpse into a more trendy neighbourhood in Sydney, Australia. You can sample various chic cafes, look at interesting small indie stores for fun souvenirs to take home, and visit art studios such as the Brett Whiteley Studio. If you want a lazy day of shopping and walking around, Surry Hills is the place to be.

art gallery of nsw

3. The Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW is a beautiful, rare treat to visit; it has been open since 1871 situated in The Domain. You can view scores of international art, local Australian art, and pieces from European colonists dating back to the 19th Century.

Depending on when you'll be visiting, there are often contemporary art shows you need a ticket to attend. Still, you can view their permanent collection any time and be enthralled.

Coastal walks sydney

4. A Seaside Walk To Remember

Sydney is known for its warm, picturesque sandy beaches, and who doesn't love a good tan? However, if you only have a few hours or a single day to spare and want to see as much of the seaside delights in the city as you can, make an effort to take on the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, which is about 6 km. The trail is easygoing, so even if you are not a hiking enthusiast, you will be dazzled by the spectacular ocean views you will witness. You can also do a partial coastal walk by walking from Bondi to Bronte instead of Coogee; even a few minutes on this walk beats sitting at home watching TV. Not to mention you can go for a swim if you pack a bathing suit in your backpack, and there are plenty of culinary delights to sample along the way too.

The Rocks Sydney

5. The Rocks Neighbourhood

The Rocks neighbourhood is a great one to visit if you are interested in historical architecture and the colonialist history of the region from when the first settlers made their houses in this area in 1788. This olden, colonial, almost Victorian-style neighbourhood has the impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge that joins North Sydney to the city near the Sydney Opera House. One of the oldest buildings in the city is Cadmans Cottage circa 1816. There's plenty of 19th Century architecture to peruse and lots of cafes and art galleries to explore. It's genuinely a cultured person's paradise!

What to Wear

Sydney can be laidback, so shorts and t-shirts are perfect in summer for walking around tourist destinations. In saying that, Sydney is a stylish city, and you will see many women dressed to impress. If you don't want to pack a dress when you visit and need to attend one of the stylish clubs or restaurants, you can always hire a dress in Sydney easily.



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