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Why You Deserve to Spoil Yourself and How to Do It.

Why You Deserve to Spoil Yourself and How to Do It

Who will love you if you don't? I'm not talking about selfish types of self-love or plastering your Instagram feed with endless photos of yourself. I'm talking about genuinely loving and accepting yourself for the fantastic person you are. Many of us are too hard on ourselves and neglect to reward ourselves for being fabulous! So please read on to why you deserve to spoil yourself and how to do it! You deserve it!

Spoiling yourself is a fantastic strategy to improve your happiness and sense of self-worth; it doesn't always mean spending money. There are hundreds of ways to treat yourself and feel happier.

Here are some ideas to spoil yourself.

scented candle


With the wide range of beautiful candles available, you can easily pamper yourself with an exotic candle. Some of the fragrances available are intoxicating! Yes, some candles cost a lot, but many options are not that expensive, so shop around and look out for sales to stock up. You might also find some bargains at local markets or unique gift stores, or, of course, by shopping online.

jungle ferns and trees


Getting out in nature is a beautiful way to spoil yourself. You may hang out with an excellent book at the botanical gardens, walk alongside the beach or river, or go for a beautiful hike in a rainforest or national park. Plan ahead if you are a city dweller and escape into nature to relax and unwind on a day trip to somewhere abundant with flora and fauna.

bunch of flowers


Flowers are often given as a gift for someone else, but why not a gift for yourself? You can always pick up a bunch, or if you want to spoil yourself, get beautiful flowers delivered by Pearsons Florist to brighten your day! Having flowers delivered is an especially great way to cheer yourself up when a beautiful bouquet arrives at your door. And if you feel like spoiling yourself even more, why not get one of the hampers delivered, including a bottle of bubbles? Why not? I say!

almond croissants

Naughty Tasty Treat

Spoil yourself with a naughty treat you wouldn't typically have whenever you feel a little pick-me-up is needed. It's not like you do it every day. My favourite is an almond croissant. Wicked but so yummy.

nambucca valley train carriages

Weekend Away

I live alone (intentionally). I prefer my own company, so booking a weekend away for one never phases me. I've had many beautiful trips away by myself. One I liked was on private property with replica train carriages near Nambucca Heads.

palm massage


Having a massage is a no-brainer, of course, when it comes to spoiling yourself. You could also invest in a hand-held massage machine to pamper yourself and massage your tired muscles.

Side hustle (live the dream of having a business)

If you feel in a rut with your work, why not start a side hustle doing something that interests you? For instance, I built an online store selling everything that is jungle-inspired designs. The possibilities are endless, and there are no high start-up costs. Get in touch with me if you want to know more. It's what I teach.

man meditating on rock


The benefits of meditation are phenomenal. Many find it hard to meditate, but it doesn't have to be that way. Regular meditation will take you to an inner world full of peace and tranquillity. Trust me; I've been there often!

intense workout

Get Fit

Yes, get fit! Spoil yourself to the max by hiring a personal trainer, joining a gym, and getting super fit. You will look amazing, it will lift your self-confidence, and you won't look back.

reading an ebook in the park

Take a day off

Taking a day off is one of my favourite things. Now, I admit, working for myself gives me this flexibility. Still, even if you work for another business, you can plan to take a day off just for yourself. Plan to do nothing or plan a great adventure, but do it for yourself because you are worth it!


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