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Cafe Review | The Wholemeal Cafe, Darlinghurst

Review by Deb Carr

Being someone who avoids carbs, I am thrilled to have found a great cafe in Darlinghurst with one thing in mind - providing low carb, healthy food!

On arrival I was greeted by the friendly staff and shown the great menu. Apart from the amazing range of healthy food the website it definitely worth having a look at with a great blog including some yummy recipes and an online store.

The Wholemeal Cafe are Sydney's leading High Protein Low Carb Cafe! Located 6 Flinders St Darlinghurst . Some things on offer are Protein Pancakes, The Protein Plate, The Protein Cloud (over 55g Protein, less than 5g Carbs), a Bananadrama Protein Shake and their own in-house baked Protein Bread with only 1g Carbs per slice!!

I enjoyed bacon & eggs with spinach and a soy cappuccino.

For those who are health conscious a must visit!

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