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Cafe Review | Daisy’s Milk Bar - Petersham

By Alissa Thibault

It’s probably one of the cutest places you’ll visit in Sydney - Daisy’s Milk Bar in Petersham. It only opened a week ago and has just exploded. We went for brunch on a Sunday morning, and so did half of Sydney apparently. We waited for about half an hour for a table but on the bright side the staff gave us lollies while waiting, so it wasn’t all bad. The staff were lovely and made us feel very welcome, the only downside of the visit was some dishes were unavailable as they’d run out. The waitress explained to us they had had unprecedented success since opening and were struggling to keep up with the demand. The meals are relatively cheap for what you get and just the perfect size, given it was a milk bar we just had to try a milkshake too and the special of the day ‘Oreo’ did not disappoint, I’ll be getting that again for sure. It might take a while for the owners to get on top of everything but this place has plenty of potential. Check it out here

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