Restaurant Review | The Kazbah Balmain

Reviewed By Scarlett Vespa

Being a local, I’ve often driven past and seen many a crowd and admired the exotic ambiance, so it was exciting to try this familiar setting.

We brought our own Champers (My Moet) even though you can buy it there, you can BYO with $10 corkage - so I like you had a choice.

The crowd was varied, an office party in one corner, extended family in another with speckled couples enjoying the candlelit tables. The staff are friendly which is always important to me.

We ordered four dishes from the Mezze section and so began the journey of our taste buds! I firstly have to say that each dish was absolutely delicious. We experienced the fried Cauliflower with Eggplant Jam (a personal favourite for both me and my husband).

All dishes expressed a deep understanding of what flavours do to each other and made for an intense culinary experience.

The Shish Kebabs were perfectly cooked on top of the ultimate fluffy rice, which kept me eating more than I should.

Kazbah Bomb for Two, Turkish Delight Ice Cream, Blueberries, Flamed with Kurrant Vodka.

The Kazbah Bomb for Two includes flaming Vodka was the ‘icing on the cake’ - but left me feeling like I should definitely go to yoga tomorrow! Delicious but this one could have fed 4 of us no problem.

The Mezzes were certainly my favourite and will return again, it’s not a cheap eat, but it’s certainly worth treating yourself that’s for sure! PLUS very glad it’s a local.

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