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Jager is da' BOMB

Sydney Lifestyle Blog

By Jimmy Wright

Mine, like most people’s experience of Jagermeister, will likely be one of two scenarios.

First is silly o’clock in the morning, in a nightclub, on someone’s birthday. The JagerBOMB; a shot of the deadly syrup mixed with Red Bull. I doubt the manufacturers publically condone the concoction and Googling it pulls as many health warnings as it does hilarious stories and images.

Second, a slightly more sophisticated, is the Jager Party as part of après ski when at the snow. Still in shot form at least you are on an expensive holiday and whilst still served in shot form it can be justified as some sort of health tonic slash winter warmer. Well the first two or three shots anyway.

For my second outing at Sydney Chic I got the task of heading to the Spice Cellar on Elizabeth Street in the CBD for the launch of Jagermeister SPICE. I was half expecting a rabble of teenagers with shot glasses.

The venue is rich underground bar with an elegant feel about and resident mixologist Joong Charpentier expertly created the drinks.

By 7.30pm the place was a hive of hipsters and young professionals three deep at the bar guzzling the cocktails all containing a slug of the aromatic liquor featuring a powerful hit of cinnamon and vanilla alongside the ginger, cardamom and star anise found in the standard product.

The date and me left just before 9pm to head across town sushi and I failed to get papped by photographer. So you’ll have to trust me; Spice Cellar and Jagermeister SPICE are the bomb. The smooth DJ harpist fusion made for elegance and rowdy conversation rather than a dance floor mash up.

Mission accomplished Jagermeister.

My opinion has changed; you’re not just for cheap thrills and one night stands, you’re an interesting complex character and I’ll put you on display in my cocktail cabinet at home.

The Jagertini, an espresso martini with a spicy kick to it could well become a home favourite.

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