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The New Way to Shop: Naked!

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Going to the supermarket is not as simple as it used to be. With an abundance of choice and confusing packaging, sometimes it feels like a medical degree is needed to decipher what’s healthy and what’s not. Thankfully Naked Foods Organic Health Foods is changing the way we shop with their clean eating philosophy.

Located in Bondi Junction’s cool, clean-eating zone on Oxford St, Naked Foods offers one of Australia’s most comprehensive ranges of bulk natural and organic food at the highest quality. With an in house nutritionist on hand to explain the foods, confusion over what to eat is a thing of the past. Naked Foods hold over 500 ingredients in store, 250 being organic as well as supply at Sydney’s beloved Farmer’s Markets as well as sells online.

Naked Foods embrace a culture of eating things in their purest form with minimal interference from packaging or additives. Their packaging is simple and sustainable with brown paper bags, filled by scoop from bulk drums, weighed and sold; a breath of fresh air in a consumer market where packaged food can sit on the shelf for years.


310 Oxford Street Bondi Junction 2022


Monday to Saturday 9:00AM T0 6:00PM

Sunday 10:00AM TO 5:00PM

Alternatively at:

• Parramatta Farmer's Market – Friday

• Hornsby Farmers Market - Thursday

• Bondi Farmer's Markets - Saturday

• Lane Cove Public School Food and Farmer's Markets – Sunday

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