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Best Restaurants in Sydney: Hugo's Manly

by Deb Carr

I’ve been a huge fan of Hugos Manly since it opened. Having lived in Manly for over six years it was one of my favourite restaurants and still is. Last night I took a trip over to Hugos Manly as my family and I were trying the HALF PRICE PIZZA PROMO. This promo is available until the end of September, any Monday to Thursday lunch and Monday to Wednesday dinner.

Travelling over on the Ferry brought back such wonderful memories of those daily trips to the city. I never get tired of our beautiful Sydney Harbour. I admit I always loved it when the seas were rough going past The Heads today was calm, no wobbling today much to my dissapointment.

We arrived at 6.00 pm and our waitress came to take our drinks order. I ordered a glass of the Hugos Shiraz for $12 and I am here to tell you it’s very good!

Image 5.jpg

It was very happy occasion as today my youngest daughter Grace had her first day at her new college so her dad and I were taking her out to celebrate. Our drinks arrived and I soaked up the beautiful atmosphere. I’ve always loved looking out the window at dusk whilst dining and Hugo’s. I adore the décor and the staff have a reputation for being very efficient and professional.

Our drinks arrived and our waitress came to take our order. We decided on fresh oysters to start. Our waitress sent that order straight to the kitchen so they would come out sooner than later as we were complaining of our hunger! They arrived very quickly and were very fresh, served with a tasty vinaigrette.

Image 4.jpg

After our oysters our pizzas arrived. I have to order gluten free pizza and Hugos does that so well. You would never know it was gluten free with the crisp thin base.

We ordered:

Prosciutto - sliced prosciutto, rocket, tomato, parmesan, balsamic dressing

Margherita - Roma tomato, buffalo milk mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil

Fig and Pancetta with gorgonzola


Highly recommend the pizzas are Divine!

Photos were taken with iPhone only in the dark with no flash. My family get cross at me blogging when I'm not on 'officiall' restaurant reviews! I just can't help myself!

Disclaimer: We paid for our meals as this was not an 'offical' review by Sydney Chic.

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