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Things to do in Sydney: Have dinner at Meat District Co

Meat District Co

Last night I attended the opening night of Meat District Co Sydney.

The venue itself is extremely inviting and was designed with the help of interior designers, DS17. There is a blend of old-school charm and contemporary style which features a spiral staircase between the two floors. The view is fabulous and I enjoyed being able to relax out on the deck in the fresh air.

Obviously with a name like Meat District Co you expect meat! Without a doubt I can honestly say I enjoyed the best ribs I have ever tasted and despite it’s not really elegant eating ribs and they are messy that wasn’t going to let that stop me. It wasn’t all about food either there was plenty of liquid refreshments happening as well. Meat District Co Sydney offer a range of appealing molecular cocktails at an affordable price for customers to sip on whilst enjoying the ambience of this fabulous restaurant.

Apart from the ribs there were many other great tasty treats like mini hamburgers, onion rings, salads including a watermelon salad which was very refreshing, and this photo I took of the meat and cheese platter speaks for itself. I'd also like to give a big thank you to the staff who offered exceptional service.

Meat District Co

The menu has been developed by Platinum Restaurant Group, Executive Chef, Russel Rasheduzzaman who said “A waiter gets a smile and talks with a customer to show the value of their patronage – as a chef my food needs to talk on behalf of me, so I want to fill all the senses of our customers so they always return. This is the way I run my kitchens”.

Meat District Co Launch

One of the features of the venue is the clear refrigerated cases revealing hanging cured meats.

Meat District Co. Sydney is teaming up with the Starlight Foundation between the months of November 2014 and January 2015 for their “Dish Up a Wish” initiative encouraging customers to support a great cause whilst indulging in a ‘guilt free’ treat.

Meat District Co definitely has the Sydney Chic tick of approval. I’ll be back!

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