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Taking notes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week couldn't be easier

It was a hectic few days at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia #MBFWA and one way I kept up to date was using a Livescribe pen and paper. This is seriously one of the most techno fun things I’ve used in a while. In a nutshell I it is a pen that electronically records what is written on a special notebook, it can then be emailed to yourself straight from your smartphone as a pdf. It gets even better than that! You can actually record as you write and make a little ‘pencast’.

To see what that means you will have to download the pdf below and upload it into the link I have provided and, trust me, if you love technology it’s worth doing it. Please excuse my handwriting and my voice recording though.

Instructions to download the PDF: Just rightclick it and save as Livescribe Pencast.

I was actually invited to trial the Livescribe pen for MBFWA so I took it out each day with me and scribbled some notes.

As a blogger this pen is great for the work I do. I recently did a restaurant review and made some notes using the pen see below.

So getting back to MBFWA I was thinking, some of the designers I met would probably get a great deal of use out of this sort of technology, sketching their designs and being able to email them themselves. I could think of many people who would find this kind of technology useful in their day-to-day business. Below is another example of what I mean. It’s ok to laugh at my drawings…I can take it! :)

I think a lot of mums would love one of these pens, so with Mother’s Day coming up this could be a very unique gift!

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this pen

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