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Overnight Travel Packing Made Easy for Women

As I mature, the days when I used to pack nearly half my wardrobe are long behind me, thank goodness! In my younger days I would pack so many items just for an overnight or a weekend away that it was bordering on ridiculous. My main motivation for packing so much was “just in case” I might need it.

These days I make many overnight trips via flying and I board the plane with one tote and a small handbag and that’s it! Over the years, I have realised that going through airport security is one of the most painful things ever, and the more stuff I have the harder it is. These days for my overnight stays I wear clothes that I can recycle the next day and pack very little in my tote, and guess what? It makes travel so much easier. Sometimes I need to add a bit of weight if I’m taking my laptop of camera, but again it all fits in one little bag.

One of my lessons in learning to travel light was observing how many males travel for work; one suit, a clean shirt and underwear.



I use a tote that I can zip closed and even when full it’s not heavy for me to carry on board or around my destination.


My toiletries are always packed in a small bag and include toothpaste, toothbrush (in its own little carry case), face wipes, small moisturizer, deodorant and some makeup. In the past, I’d carry so much stuff it was ridiculous because I never used it anyway. Many supermarkets and pharmacies stock travel sized items so it is worth investing in these sizes to keep the toiletry bag at a reasonable size to carry around.


Choose a jacket that is easy to carry and, if necessary can be worn more formally. I love to wear my leather jacket because it is warm, not too heavy and looks great.


I live in sneakers and probably own way too many than I should. I no longer carry ‘extra shoes’ unless I was going to some fancy event. Sneakers can be smart enough to wear to dinner and you don’t have to take them off to go through the dreaded airport security.


That's my choice but of course any easy to wear skirt or pants will do. I usually bring a pair of shorts too if it's summer because I live in a semi-tropical area in NSW since my sea change and like to hop off the plane ready to head straight to the beach.


That’s the only thing I change is my shirt, underwear and socks. The clothes I wear down are the clothes I wear back. Here is where you get smart and dress up or down your blouse or top.

That’s it!


In this article I’m talking about just one overnight stay but if you are heading somewhere to attend a wedding, special occasion or event then of course you will need to be a bit more creative and pack something else.

Start with something that is non-crushable! Choose an outfit that won’t crease and is not a very heavy fabric. When considering the outfit, if it’s going to be cold say at night, then wear a jacket down that will also adapt to the more formal wear.

With footwear that needs to be more formal, choose something that is also quite light rather than a heavy pair of boots or clunky shoes, it’s all about keeping your overnight bag light and taking the time to choose an outfit that is easy to transport, doesn’t crease and will look great when you finally get to wear it.

Over the years I have learnt that travelling doesn’t have to be hard, with a bit of planning it’s easy. I always have a bag half packed ready to go.


These principles also work for longer trips. When you are packing your case choose items that are non-crushable, light and can be mixed and matched. Remember, that you don’t have to take items ‘just in case’ you might need them. If worse comes to the worse, you can always buy a new top or whatever if you run out.


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